Our nation is in a millennium fighting for their ideals and European culture, indebted Europe, North America and a good part of the rest of the world. He deserves honor and respect. In the 19th century we are liberated from the tyranny of the Ottoman centuries of colonization which stopped our free development. A significant part of our nation forcibly changed religion and nationality.

In the early part of the twentieth century, our nation is liberated from the Austro-Hungarian yoke under which is again a part of our nation is forced to change his religion and nationality.

A Story That Wanders Round the World

Holy Father,1 even though I address you only now, I’ve been doing so forever and ever. I am calling out to you from the bottom of the universe, where I am living my life both in this world and in the hereafter, so that I know not where I am. I am calling out to you from this madhouse where they placed me while I was alive. I even knew not that I was inside a madhouse, for everything was normal – that house had windows, albeit crooked. When I changed worlds, the madness continued inside my head, which is in a state of total chaos. I am inside a madhouse, but I’m not mad. In this world, where I am ostensibly alive, I am even better off than in that world of yours over there. But my memories are failing me, so that I don’t know who I am or where I come from. I don’t know whether I was born a Catholic or perhaps converted to Catholicism when those of Greek Orthodox faith were brought back to the faith of their fathers. When those who had been separated from it were brought back to Catholicism, where they could find eternal salvation.


International commission for the truth on the Croatian system of concentration camps Jasenovac for the extermination of the Serbs, Jews and Roma.

Statement on the Jasenovac death toll:

Having studied more than a thousand books, articles, statements and documents and based on the results of forensic and anthropological excavations and explorations, The International Commission for the Truth on the Croatian System of Concentration Camps Jasenovac for the Extermination of the Serbs, Jews and Roma in the Second World War issues the following statement:

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